Performance = Skill – Interference +/- Luck

Develop Skills

Over the 25 years David has been teaching golf, he has enjoyed working with virtually every kind of golfer.  For some, the focus is on creating positions that allow for shaping shots or eliminating one side of the course, while for others, efforts will be centered on getting the golf ball in the air with consistency.  Each player is unique, with different goals, bodies and experience so we don’t try to mold you into any particular golf swing method.  Instead, we keep things simple, in as much as the golf swing can be simplified.  David understands that if you experience confusion or have multiple swing thoughts while practicing or playing, then he isn’t doing his job properly – and his students aren’t experiencing maximum improvement.

Swing Mechanics:  With David, you will demystify your golf swing and understand the priority area of your golf swing in which focus your improvement.  You will develop an excellent setup position and focus on one swing key at a time while practicing.  We use video (Swing Reader on the iPad) for feedback and visual learning and while each lesson is unique, you his students tend to focus on set up position, impact dynamics, rhythm and creating a simple, repeatable swing.

Short Game:  Shots played within 100 yards and in comprise a great majority of the shots golfers play during a round.  For many golfers, there is an untapped opportunity to significantly lower scores with better skills, strategies and feel around the greens.

Pre-shot Routine:  The PSR is tool golfers use to strategize, become aware of your mental focus, dial in your intention for the shot and play with freedom.  It is the primary skill utilized by great players to eliminate Interference.  For most players, a golf shot is sabotaged before the club is drawn away from the ball.  With David, you gain an understanding of the art and science of the pre-shot routine and develop one that will allow you to maximize your skills and to play with freedom.

Decrease Interference

Borrowing from 25 years of research coupled with my hands on work with golfers, surgeons, business leaders and elite athletes, we will identify and eliminate the interfering patterns that arise at various times during a round of golf.  Here are some examples of the interferences we will go after:

  • • Fear of a Bad shot
  • • Too many swing thoughts
  • • Feeling rushed
  • • Frustration
  • • Too much focus on score
  • • Fear of embarrassment
  • • Self-judgment
  • • Lack of confidence
  • • Can’t take driving range game to the course
  • • Wilting under pressure
  • • Slumps
  • • Yips
  • • Feel like quitting

“On your most below average shots, you sabotaged the shot before you made the swing.”

We will test this theory and begin the practice of reducing these sabotaged shots, the result…increased consistency and a lot more fun!

Practice:  During the two and a half decades as a golf professional, David has witnessed a tremendous amount of ineffective, wasteful practice.   Having learned from research in sports psychology and neurology and the practices of master teachers, David has refined powerful training tools that will allow you to maximize the benefits yielded from the time spent practicing.  Lessons often include not only what to practice, but how to practice.

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