GHC Elite Junior Golf Camp

For the second year, the great Ann Swanson (Grays Harbor College Head Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach) and I are conducting what we believe are 3 very special junior golf camps at The Home Course in Dupont, Washington this summer, two of them being overnight. They are designed for junior golfers who are tournament golfers or are aspiring to play competitive golf on the local junior circuits or on their high school teams. I have been involved with Division 1 College Golf for almost a decade, uding victory in the 2016 NCAA Championship with the UW Women’s Golf Team and look forward to passing along the insights I have gained from the great coaches and players I have been lucky enough to coach and learn from. I am especially excited about the Parent-Junior overnight camp in August!

Please take a look at the details to see if it looks like such an experience would make a difference in the game and life of a junior golfer (or parent)!


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GHC Elite Golf Camp


We believe golf is a place where you can practice what you want to be and that competition and a quest for excellence allows for success on the golf course and in life. Our school is about developing a foundation of mental skills that will allow a player to step into the
biggest shots of their life with freedom and focus. 

Camp Topics:

  • Establish Personal PhilosophyIMG_5560
  • Thriving Under Pressure
  • Pre-Shot & Post-Shot Routine
  • Elevate Self Awareness
  • Identify & Eliminate Interferences that Obstruct Performance
  • Pre-Tournament Preparation
  • Pre-Round Routine
  • Resiliency (learning from mistakes/failure)
  • Best Practices for training
  • Learn Mindfulness Practices
  • Managing Nervousness


Session I: June 28th, 2018 – Tournament Preparation Camp
Session II: August 8-9, 2018  – Parent-Junior (Overnight Camp)
Session III: September 3-4 – High School Golf/Fall Competition Prep (Overnight Camp)


Session I: Tournament Player Prep Camp

Thursday, June 28, 2018. 9:30am – 4:30pm

Tuition: $195 (inc. Coaching, Greens Fees, Practice Facilities, Playing Lesson, Tee Prize, snacks, bottled water)

Having just completed post season with the college teams they work with, Coach Swanson and Coach Elaimy will impart the insights they have gained about preparing for and thriving in competition. We scheduled this camp to have the most impact on learning and success in the summer golf tournament season. We will work to set goals and dial in your best mindset. 


Session II: Parent-Junior Overnight Camp

August 8-9, 2018

Tuition $780 (inc. Lodging, greens fees, coaching, playing lesson, practice facilities, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tee prize, snacks & bottled water)

We believe there is a special opportunity for a parent and child to share a mutual interest/passion in the game of golf. In our experience coaching vast amounts of junior and college golfers, we have seen the parent/child relationship be the foundation from which the son or daughter is able to soar to great heights. We have also witnessed how well meaning parents make the kind of mistakes that lead to burnout and struggles not only on the course but in the relationship. In sharing this golf school experience, both of you will share a learning experience the will be fruitful for years to come. Participating in the camp will not only allow for each individual game to grow, but for the relationship to grow as well.

  • School kickoff is at 3pm on August 8 and concludes at 4:30pm on August 9
  • Accommodations: Best Western Liberty Inn in Dupont, WA. 


Session III: High School Golf/Fall Competition Prep (Overnight Camp)

GHC big family 10September 3-4, 2018

Tuition $395 (inc. Lodging, greens fees, coaching, playing lesson, practice facilities, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tee prize, snacks & bottled water)

In this overnight camp, we will debrief the summer golf season and work to get you game dialed in for high school golf and other fall events you might be planning to play in. This is an overnight camp with double occupancy lodging, so bring a team mate or friend and join us for learning and fun! 

  • School kickoff is at 3pm on September 3 and concludes at 4:30pm on September 4
  • Accommodations: Best Western Liberty Inn in Dupont, WA


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