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rhee-iWelcome to my first blog post on my new Beyond Par website! I relish the opportunity to share coaching, insights and ideas that pertain to your playing your best while fully enjoying the process. I figured I would share a bit about the foundation from which I teach. So here it goes…

I don’t know why, but I care about your golf game, surgical capabilities, parenting, coaching, business or whatever area of your life in which you are committed to success. I care that you are capable of greatness and am willing to stand with you in elevating performance to a level you have not yet attained. I am inspired by transcendent performance, so I will be moved to tears by the beauty that you produce when everything is on the line.

It adds depth and joy to my professional spirit when you battle past the INTERFERENCES that hold you back. I love to be there when you pull back the curtain and peer into the machinations of suffering, seeing clearly how interferences work against your success. Then I get to see how you, armed with deepening awareness, align your thoughts, emotions and body in a way that allows you to achieve and to learn.

I love seeing you discover and create what you want…the vision for your life and your game. While there are many excellent mediums, the game of golf may be the ideal place to practice what you want to be. It is a real honor when my students open up and allow me to partner with them on such a quest. My wish for you is that you are able to leverage the game, with all of its intricacies and challenge to become a better version of you.

It is time to stop interferences from tainting your efforts and to identify a vision that allows you to fly. Interference hates a beautiful goal and will engage in an insidious game of sabotage. It’s tools are rationalization, fear, logic, outrage, self-doubt, complacency, high expectations, blaming, positive thinking, and a victim mentality. It’s symptoms are stress, anxiety, fear, depression, slumps and self-hate. Interferences are the left foot pressing the brake pedal while accelerating. Interferences are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Interferences tell you that you don’t have interferences – their greatest fear is being discovered by the light of your awareness.

Vision in it’s true form is created from your spirit, not from some inner jerk that reminds you of your failures and only provides a respite when current results are great. Unfortunately, you will kick less ass when you are in a foot race with failure. It is better to choose your own race, one not initiated by interference. It is time for your goals to stop drowning in six inches of water as Interference whispers…“its deeper than the Mariana Trench”.

I want to see you fully able to enjoy each shot, hole and round – to be inspired and efficient as you work hard to your goals. I am happy that you got this far without bailing out. Let’s go “beyond par” and get past the suffering and frustration that you create for yourself. Let’s ensure success and commit to learning to play with freedom, resilience, and gratitude in this delicious game we all play.





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  1. Scott Raaum
    | Reply

    I can’t think of anyone I’d rather talk with than you when it comes to introducing my 7 year old granddaughter Hazel to golf. I just bought her a set of clubs for Christmas.

    I would love to hire you for an hour of your time to pick your brain on how best to go about doing this, what to focus on, how technical to be and so on. Please let me know what would work for you. Can’t wait to see you in Bandon in January.

    • David Elaimy
      | Reply

      Scott, I would be happy to discuss your plan to introduce Hazel to golf. You are wise to get some coaching as many young players (especially girls) find themselves turned off, not by the game, but by the approach of her well meaning parent/grandparent. Here are a couple of tips:

      – 7 year olds play a lot. Consider your visits to the golf course a “play date” and make it fun
      – Set games up and let her learn by doing. It will be tempting to give technical advice in the way that you have received it from your teacher/coach – avoid this!!
      – Have her watch and copy your swing (especially the finish position)
      – Model being coachable – take her coaching/have her observe you taking a lesson. Consider taking a lesson together.
      – Observe your attachment to her doing well/enjoying the game. Never teach/guide from frustration. Unconditional love is absolutely paramount in this process.
      – Do not assume that she will have more fun if she hits the ball well
      – Take her to a special lunch/ice cream/jamba juice following the golf – but don’t make it an explicit reward for producing results
      – Focus on putting and chipping first. If she falls in love with the short game, she will go far!
      – Don’t overstay. Leave when her interest wanes

      I look forward to discussing this more with you Scott.


  2. Mark Schedler
    | Reply

    I loved reading this exchange between two of my favorite people. I can’t wait to see what happens with Hazel. I will be learning for when my grandson is just a little older.

  3. Jim Hansen
    | Reply

    Hi David, We connected over the summer and I’ve wanted to continue our journey. Please forward details for your Bandon Dunes Par School so I can
    Move ahead with my game. Thanks.

  4. Conor MacEvilly
    | Reply

    Excellently written David and sound advice. Keep up the blogging!

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